Update: Wizard of Oz Remake with Robert Zemeckis Might Not Be a Good Idea

Update: TheWrap has reported that Robert Zemeckis’s publicist has denied the director’s involvement with the Wizard of Oz remake. Zemeckis will be focused on remaking the Beatle’s Yellow Submarine remake for a 2012 release date. Furthermore, the rep said that the story reported was completely untrue.

When people hear remake, their eyes automatically start to roll. I’m in the area where some remakes are ok as long as it sounds and looks promising. As for Warner Bros planning on a Wizard of Oz remake, I’m not too sure it’ll be a good idea, since the original movie is already a classic. It’s going to be just like how Tim Burton remade Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.

Well Warner Bros is in early negotiations with Mr. Robert Zemeckis to direct the live-action Wizard of Oz film, and they are planning to use the original script from the original.

What next, they’re going to remake King Kong?

Source: Deadline

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