IndiePub Wants Indie Developers to Thrive

For some time, Consoles and PC games have been the top sellers until the introduction of the XBLA, PSN, iTune App store, and smart phones. Indie games started to get more attention with it being readily available everywhere online, making it easier for the average gamers to download and play. With the development costs being very cheap, the consumers find it easier to digest the cost of the games.

Let’s take for example one of the most popular games developed in Finland, by a company named Rovio, named Angry Birds. The game has been a huge success for both Rovio and its publisher Chillingo, having more than 6.5 million downloads in the US alone on the iTunes store, for both the iPhone/iTouch for 99 cents a download and $4.99 for iPad downloads. While the game costs over €100,000 ($175,000) to develop, it is nothing compared to the millions of dollars it takes to create a hit PlayStation 3 or Xbox 360 game. But what made this more of a treat for Rovio and Chillingo was when EA games bought Chillingo for $20 million dollars, showing it’s possible for anyone to create a game with an idea.

IndiePub has created a contest for people to enter their home-made games with the grand prize being $100,000 for the top game, and other cash prizes for most recognized games in the community, as well as other categories. Since early 2010, IndiePub has had 3 of these contests with games like Cipher Prime’s Auditorium, Terence Lee’s “Storm” and Hitbox Team’s Dustforce being taken to the top and they will also have a publishing deal with Zoo games.

First up will be AuditoriumHD for the PlayStation 3 via the PlayStation Network, with more to follow.

Currently, IndiePub is running a mobile app contest with the top prize being $25,000 and the option for a publishing deal for the company at

So if you have a game you have developed with a team or on your own and think it is good enough, stay tuned to for more future contests. Also, check out the community with other developers, dreamers and other people who are interested,

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