Battle: Los Angeles Aliens Confirmed in New Trailer

Awhile we were first to report that the Battle: Los Angeles aliens made an appearance in the 1 of the 5 posters that were released for the film. Our discovery was met with mixed response from fans and readers but thanks to the new trailer, it seems our suspicions have been confirmed.

The scene where the image was taken for the poster in question actually appears in the trailer.

I was literally able to mask over the screenshot I took with the poster from the movie.  The only difference in the shot in the object in the background is actually rising up from out of the frame.

If that wasn’t enough to convince you, there is actually a far better second shot of the Aliens in the trailer. In the scene, Aaron Eckhart’s team is ambushed by one of the aliens that has emerged from a pool in someone’s backyard.

The scene reveals that the head crab-looking aliens are far less like the Predators than we originally thought. They sort of have a robotic/organic look to them. Here is another picture where you can really see the structure of their legs:

I have watch this small part of the video numerous times and I’m not entirely sure if they have hands or are their primary laser weapon thing is permanently attached to their arms.

This movie has definitely piqued my interest, and I can’t wait to see it March 11th of next year.

Extra Tidbit: Big shout out to Harry Knowles and Merrick over at Ain’t It Cool News. They ran our story when no one else would.


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