ET Reveals Exclusive First Look at Kilowog and the Green Lantern Trailer

A new video has surfaced on the internet showing next week’s Entertainment Tonight exclusive look at the Green Lantern. So far the video clip has been met with nothing but criticism from the Green Lantern fans, and to be fair, it does suck.

A while back we reported about the massive amount of fans that were disappointed when the Green Lantern suit was revealed in Entertainment Weekly. Director Martin Campbell even went on record to say the suit was still a work in progress, that seems to be entirely false because the suit shown in the clips is the exact same one from the Entertainment Weekly shoot.

It just baffles me how something entirely CG like Davy Jones in Pirates of the Caribbean can look so amazing, and yet a simple thin-layered green suit can look so horrible. If there is one thing you don’t get wrong in a comic book adaptation, it’s the suit!

  1. Spider-Man, awesome.
  2. Iron Man, awesome.
  3. Batman, awesome. Even the one with nipples from Batman Forever was awesome.
  4. Superman, awesome.
  5. Hell, Ghost Rider sucked but at least he looked like Ghost Rider.

How do you mess up the suit?! Well at least Kilowog looks pretty good.

A large majority of the Green Lantern fanbase is also not too particularly fond of Hal Jordan’s new found charisma and sarcasm. Perfect for Deadpool but not for the Hal Jordan that fans have come to know and love.

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