TERA Online Introduces Amani Race and Lancer Class

En Masse Entertainment has revealed to us some information on the Amani race and Lancer class for Bluehole Studio’s TERA, the Action MMORPG that’s going to be a good contender for the MMO market.

Featured Race: Amani

These guys look pretty intimidating and it’s no wonder, they are descendants from dragons. That’s pretty badass. They’re big and have reptilian features and skin. They once were enslaved by conquering giants, but were later freed by a goddess named Kaia with the help from the castanics (my favorite race, does that make me racist?). Because of this, the amani value freedom above all else. They are always watchful and it takes time to gain their trust, but once you do, you’re in good hands.

The amani are usually direct and straight forward. They are usually respected and admired by others, but you do not want to cross them, or else you’ll end up like a droid annoying a wookie.

Featured Class: Lancer

The special moves for the lancers are the Lance Charge and Onslaught, powerful moves that can go in deep into an enemy’s formation. Their combos are powerful, and they help with the party members’ defense, weaken enemy’s armor, and get the attention of aggros from all over the battlefield.

TERA will be available in 2011 and will be released by En Masse Entertainment in North America and by Frogster in Europe. Check back often to see more TERA news!

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