Kirbys Epic Yarn Review

Kirby has had some amazing adventures since 1992, and has become an icon for Nintendo along side Link, Mario, and Donkey Kong. Kirby has appeared on every one of Nintendo’s console in some way, shape, or form. Kirby has been sucking in his opponents, drawing on them, and racing on his star to lay the smackdown against opponents in Smash Bros, but now we see a whole new story for our little pink hero.

Kirby finds himself sucked into an odd sock by an evil wizard name Yin-Yarn, and appears in a strange world where he is no longer the pink puffball he was, but instead a piece of yarn. Inside the new world of yarn, Kirby meets Prince Fluff who informs Kirby that his world has also been disturbed by Yin Yarn and separated. Kirby, who loves to help people, decides to save the world of yarn alongside Prince Fluff, and finds that each world can be put back together by finding the magical yarn to “sow” each stage together.
Kirby learns he can no longer suck due to being made out of yarn, but instead after eating the “Metamato”, which was a yarn looking version of his favorite tomato that belonged to Yin Yarn, he can now transform, and interact with the world’s yarn. Kirby’s has different transformations. Instead of running he turns into a little car,and parachutes to slow down his decent. When Kirby is in water he turns into a submarine, and when he attaches himself to a peg which he then becomes a swinging ball, but other transformation are only available by touching an orb-like object that changes Kirby into different forms like a dolphin, fire truck, a penguin looking snowboarder. Kirby can also turn into a giant Kirby tank-like object driven by Kirby and UFO.  The downfall of these transformations is that they only last until a point where the game decides to end the powers, which is usually at the end of the stage. Many of these forms will give Kirby different abilities using the Wiimote’s real time movement.

The game focuses on using only the Wiimote’s function sideways. For roughly all the game, Kirby is moved using the control pad on the controller, and during his transformations, moving around the Wiimote controls Kirby’s actions. Using one will be Kirby’s pull, and attack buttons, while two is your jump button.

Did I mention Kirby isn’t alone in the game… Prince Fluff, a blue version of Kirby with eyebrows, and a crown, will also join in the adventures to save his land from the evil Yin Yarn. The duo can compete in the same level at the same time working together to take on the baddies as Yin Yarn tries to take over dream land, and eventually involving the residence of Kirby’s world. People such as King Dedede and Meta Knight are involved, and eventually Dream Land itself might be conquered by Yin Yarn if Kirby doesn’t stop him.

Kirby also features a few mini games, and collectables as you play. Each stage has 3 collectable items, and gems you can obtain. Collectible consist of  items that customize your room or music cds of songs within the game. Many of the things are very easy to find, and are hidden in a pink present box, others are hidden away in the stage. Gems are used to buy more items in the stores to customize your room, which can be collected all over the game’s stages. As for the mini games, once you fix up the free rooms, and have tenants move in, they would want to play games like hide and seek which unlock more items for 100% completion, which isn’t necessary for the game.

The game is full of awesome Kirby action! With Kirby’s ability to transform into different objects, it is somewhat reminiscent of Kirby’s transformations from the past, but all of them are temporary, and only at certain part of stages. My favorite is the Kirby tank! It gives him massive power, and fun sense of destruction. My only gripe with the game is that it is too easy with little sense of challenge. When you can’t die, and doing a 100% completion run, it turns out to be an easy single play-through with minimal effort. In the end, the game still is worth picking up.

Final Grade: A

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