Hitachi is Making Your Touchscreen Device Friendlier

Technology is an amazing thing. Smartphones, touch pad computers, and mobile devices are increasing in the market. They all have almost the same bottom line, but there is one thing that separates each one of them. Does the manufacturer contend by using a stylus device to give the comfort as if you’re writing with a pen, something we are all familiar with, or do they leap forward with a touchscreen that uses finger touch control?

Well Hitachi demoed their new capacitive screen that will allow the user to interface with the device through, pretty much, a peripheral of choice. You’ll be able to use your finger, even when covered by a glove, or finger nail, and have the option to use a stylus as well.

This is good news for a lot of people out there. I hope electronic companies don’t market this as a deal-breaker, inflate the price of their item, and make a huge competitive ordeal. Wait a minute, that’s how things already work!

This might have helped Homer Simpson in this episode.

Source: Akihabara News

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