The Walking Dead Episode 2: Guts Recap and Review – Iron Zombie Chef

The first episode showed us that the zombie genre still has a lot of juice left. The pilot episode followed Rick Grimes, the sheriff, as he wakes up to a zombie-infested town. Now desperately looking for his wife and son, he ventures into the city and gets trapped inside a tank surrounded by zombies. A guy’s voice sounds over the radio and tells Rick that his only chance to escape is to make a run for it away from the zombies, who are still munching on his now dead horse (Can animals turn into zombies?). Rick meets up with the voice in an alley, who’s revealed to be Glenn (Steven Yeun), the young, energetic, and daring survivor of the small group in the city of Atlanta, Georgia.

Rick is met with hostility when Andrea (Laurie Holden) holds up a gun towards Rick. She does this because Rick pretty much put up a “kill me” sign to the zombies that the survivors are in the clothing and accessories building. The attention is diverted away from Rick as the small group hears gunfire on the rooftop. The whole group heads up and we meet the first potential human villain of the show, Merle Dixon (Michael Rooker). He’s your racist white guy of the group who likes to beat up on blacks and Hispanics. I’m surprised Andrea got mad at Rick if Merle has been a douche bag 24/7. Anyway, Rick surprises Merle from behind (that sounds nice doesn’t it?) and knocks him down and cuffs him.

Since the building is surrounded, Glenn decides that checking out the building underground to see if the sewer can be used to escape. Nope, there’s a gated bar, a zombie, and a dead rat there. So that plan’s pretty much ruined. Rick has an idea to use the smell of the zombie to walk pass the zombies undetected to retrieve a van to carry the group out of the city. To do this, they drag a dead zombie (undead dead?) inside a cut it up in order to wipe the blood all over them. Rick and Glenn volunteers to do it as the group hacks away at the poor zombie, over and over again until they got enough blood. It’s a touching scene when Rick grabs the wallet of the dead zombie and tells the group his name and identity. At least he’s an organ donor.

So the plan works as Rick and Glenn are able to walk pass the zombies. But then rain comes and washes the blood away, removing the smell and signaling to the zombies that they are human. This scene, we get to see how fast zombies can really run. I guess they just use their energy when they need it. We even find out that one zombie can jump over a fence (what are the odds that it’s a black zombie?). Rick takes the moving truck while Glenn takes the fast Camaro. The Camaro is used to distract the zombies, while the moving truck is used to get the group out of the building from the back. The plan works and the group wonders where Glenn went. We see Glenn driving fast and joy riding in the deserted freeway that is going away from the city. Yes, Glenn is my new favorite character, just because he’s the one that shows a lot of courage, even though he doesn’t really want to do it.

Meanwhile back at the camp, Rick’s co-partner, Shane (Jon Bernthal) and another small group, tries to make contact with the group in the city and succeeds. But at the beginning of the episode, we see Shane shagging Rick’s wife, Laurie (Sarah Wayne Callies). We know where this is going to lead once they find out that Rick is still alive and when Rick finds out. Brothers anyone?

The second episode is pretty good. We get to see a potential villain, we see more survivors, and the group is pretty diverse. Yay, how colorful. I love this formula so far. We didn’t get to see much character development, since we already know Rick is very compassionate, but we do get to see a small group trying to survive and escape out of the city (like the Dawn of the Dead movie).

Tune in next week as we find out that Merle has a brother who’s mad at the group that he’s still stuck on top of the building in the city.

Grade: B

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