Tron Legacy Ride in the Works for Disneyland!

As promise, due to the success of ElecTRONica, Disney is currently developing a new ride for Tron Legacy. Rumor has it that the ride will be placed in the center of Tomorrowland and will require a big reconstruction of the area.

Disney’s Imagineers were reportedly seen on the set of the film looking at props and concept art, researching for the development of the ride.

It seems that Disney is really banking a lot on the success of Tron Legacy. I only hope that the movie lives up to the hype, but from what I’ve seen so far, this film doesn’t seem like it will disappoint

The Disney execs are reportedly hoping to have the Tron ride finished in late 2012 or early 2013

Hey, remember the old People Mover that featured the World of Tron?


Source: Blue Sky Disney, Slashfilm

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