Persona -Trinity Soul- Review

Continuing Season 1 of the Persona ~Trinity Soul~, season 2’s box set comes with the complete second season on two disks containing episodes 14-26 and an art book featuring mini comics and some concept drawings neatly wrapped up in a very beautiful collectors box.

The Second Season of Persona picks up where the first season left off, with Director Kanzato missing and the police teaming up with Kanzato Shin and his friends to put a stop to the Morebito. The story can lag a little at times, with a feeling of slow development, but the story is engaging and does a successful job of drawing the viewer in with its twist and turns. The main draw is the Persona fights, where spirits from within emerge and fight one another. The Personas look absolutely beautiful, appearing as transparent and wonderfully detailed spirits. They look fantastic, and I was always excited for a Persona fight because you could see in the artwork that the artist spent some time making them look gorgeous. The only problem with this is that certain Persona fight scenes were hard to follow, and indeed they could be too far in between fights. The story successfully delivers a rather compelling narrative and fleshes out interesting and likable characters.

The box, as stated earlier, is simply gorgeous. The art style looks fantastic and the box stores everything neatly. It’s a little big, so it won’t fit perfectly amongst your other DVD’s but it is worth it. The art book has drawings from the show, explaining some key characters and events, and showcasing the wonderfully detailed Personas. It also comes with a mini-comic for each episode, and questions answered from some of the staff.

If you’re a fan of the anime or game, I highly recommend this box. It sits proudly on my shelf with its beautiful art style on the outside while having a compelling story on the inside. The added art book seals the deal. If you like Persona, or even just want to watch a good anime, Persona Trinity soul is for you.

*Persona ~Trinity Soul~ takes place sometime after Atlus’ Persona 3 game, while it has no official ties to the series we do get some nice surprises including a character everyone loved.

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