Silent Hill Sequel Crawls Out of the Dark with a Director and Title

Silent Hill was probably one of the top video game adaptations I was really hyped about. Quentin Tarantino’s writing partner and the guy who directed The Brotherhood of the Wolf, how could you go wrong? Unfortunately, what I was expecting was not what I saw in the theater. Don’t get me wrong, Silent Hill was far better than most video game movies but that isn’t really saying much for the genre.

News has surfaced that the sequel is finally underway. Shock Til You Drop has reported that Michael J. Basset will direct the film and the sequel’s title will be Silent Hill: Revelations. Bassett is best known for his work on Solomon Kane, Death Watch and a whole other list of movies you’ve probably never heard of.

It was also revealed that the new film will follow the protagonist Heather Mason from the 3rd game. I was really hoping since the first film ended with the disappearance of the wife and daughter, if there ever was a second film, that it would kind of mirror the events of the second game where James goes to Silent Hill looking for his wife.

The film is already slated to be shot in 3D but a released date has not been set.

Source: Shock Til You Drop

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