Milo Ventimiglia’s Comic “Rest” Becomes a TV Series

Back in 2008, Milo Ventimiglia aka Peter Petrelli from Heroes, announced that he was co-creating a comic book series called “Rest.” At that time, a lot of people figured it would have been picked up by a tv network or movie studio. Now two years later, Milo makes his way back to NBC, as the network has picked up the comic book and plans to turn it into a television series. What also interesting, is that not only will Milo be on of the executive producers, but he will be starring in the series as well.

As for the comic series itself, it follows a man named John Barret, who is in his mid-twenties, living in New York City. He is a workaholic that “spends every waking hour working”, which he then enlists in an experimental drug testing program that can potentially eliminate the need for sleep. Soon after, he develops an addiction to it and even though he has become amazingly productive, consequences follow suit. Milo also hints that there might be some sort of government conspiracy as well. There is no exact date for release as of yet, but I will definitely be anticipating this.

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