Legendary Pictures Studio Brings Us Legendary Comics

Legendary Pictures, the studio responsible for movies like “The Dark Knight”, “300” and “The Hangover”, have announced their newest venture into comics. Legendary Comics is what the publishing company will be called and is going to be headed by highly acclaimed veteran DC editor Bob Schreck. The company plans on publishing four to six graphic novels a year to distribute in print as well as digitally. Legendary Pictures chairman and CEO Thomas Tull had this to say:

 “Bob is an iconic editor and one of most highly-regarded curators and editors of comic culture in our industry. He is the perfect leader with the right balance of passion and editorial skills to spearhead Legendary Comics. Legendary Comics is committed to being a new home for groundbreaking artists and the characters and stories they create, in an art form we love.”

The first project from Legendary Comics is set to release in the first half of 2011.

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