Classical Nerds with The Phantom of the Opera Theatrical Review

The Phantom of the Opera is one of the best, and long lasting theatrical show ever to set foot on stage. Phantom ranks in as the most successful entertainment value of all time with revenue reaching over $5 billion! That alone leaves James Cameron’s Avatar in the dust. There are currently now 7 productions of the show around the world in London, New York, Budapest Hungary, Nagoya Japan, Seoul Korea, the U.S. National Tour and a shortened version in Las Vegas. The Broadway production has been the winner of 7 Tony Awards and has many acclaimed accomplishments.

This past Halloween was the curtain call performance of the US national tour of the Phantom. It was the third year running with many shows scheduled and the last arriving in Los Angeles, California, at the famous Pantages Theatre in Hollywood. The theatre was filled to capacity, patrons were dressed in costumes, and the stage was set for the last night of production.

Tim Martin Gleason played the Phantom in this production and he does a fantastic job. One could hear his emotional pain from within through his opera voice, and it really nails the coffin shut to how one would expect the Phantom to be. Trista Moldovan played Christine Daaé. Her role is of the young woman torn between her new found love in the opera house, young suitor, and the Phantom. She did a great job in bringing the torment, love of the beast, and opera that was set upon her in the play. The rest of the ensemble cast did a magnificent job in bringing the play to life. The audience appreciated every minute of it, and graciously thanked the director, Harold Prince, for what took place. As well, the orchestra was on cue and brought the magic to the entire musical.

Later that evening Andrew Lloyd Webber, the composer of The Phantom Of The Opera, made an appearance after the final call. He was addressed on stage with his ex wife, and original cast member of Christine, Sarah Brightman. Both were applauded and thanked by the audience and cast alike for the production. It was a great way to say farewell to the third year run of the US national tour.

Overall the show went off without a hitch! It is no wonder why this has been the longest standing theatrical production. The show provides love, loss, humor, and morality to its simplest tune – music. If you have not gotten a chance to see the show live, please do before it’s gone forever! But with the track record given so far, that might not be soon, but who knows.


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