TRON Tuesday: Jeff Bridges as Clu 2.0 TRON Legacy Poster

It’s TRON Tuesday yet again, and we’re getting closer and closer to the release date of TRON: Legacy. Here we see Jeff Bridges as his program Clu 2.0, an avatar of himself to look like his young self. Here’s what Jeff had to say about coming back to TRON:

“Both this one and the first one, you were dealing with cutting edge technology within your industry, and that was very exciting. This one makes that one look so … there were no cellphones on that one, no internet, but the essence was the same of “doing this new thing.” This technology that’s used here, is very exciting to me as an actor, because now I can play myself at any age. I can be a four year old kid and the actor would be me. That’s pretty wild!”

Looks like even the dude can be a little spooked out.

It is kinda spooky, you know. The, uh, same guys who were involved with, uh, “Benjamin Button” film, they were involved in this one as well. And, uh, I remember they – they showed me, uh, Brad Pitt’s head in a – you know, a glass box. And it was – it wasn’t anything like you’ve ever seen before. It was, like, you know, Madame Tussaud’s or that. It was just – you expected him to, you know, say, “hey, how you doing?” You know, it was just so real looking.”

That’s pretty cool, because the Benjamin film actually made Brad Pitt look really young and old, so I trust that the final version will be very believable.

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