Can You Believe This is An iPhone Game?

Do your eyes deceive you? Surely this is an Xbox 360, or PS3 game. Well, that assumption is wrong. Somehow Chair Entertainment, developer of Shadow Complex for Xbox Live, have pulled off some amazing graphics (and with a good frame-rate too!). The game formerly known as “Project Sword”, has been named “Infinity Blade”.

The game is promised to be an “action-RPG sword fighting adventure” with touchscreen-based sword battles, a single-player mode with progression, multi-player mode (which will be implemented later on, though it is not known if that will be a free update), and there will be some free updates as well.

With a game whose visuals are of this quality, they’ve raised the bar for all developers of iPhone games. It should be released sometime in December, but the exact date and price are unknown.

Here is a demonstration of the game:


The original story can be found on Kotaku

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