Lady Mechanika Issue #0 Review: Steampunk Babe, Toot Toot!

It’s been a while since I’ve seen a comic with a unique kick-ass art. Lady Mechanika caught my eye at the Long Beach Comic Con, and I had to check out the first issue. I’m a sucker for a sexy and cool heroine, especially with steampunk added to the mix, and Lady Mechanika definitely fits the bill. The comic is influenced by different properties like Batman, James Bond, RoboCop, and Jack the Ripper. The main inspiration comes from all those steampunk cosplayers at conventions. Oh the irony of cosplay inspiring comics.

Lady Mechanika was a sole survivor of a serial killer’s 3-year carnage in England. She was founded by the authorities in a lab with corpses all around her with her own limbs being replaced by mechanical parts. She has no memory of what happened, and is on the search to find out what happened to her and why.

The comic takes place in the turn of the century England and starts off with our heroine, Lady Mechanika, on top of a building, listening in on a conversation, thanks to her handy dandy futuristic, but from the past, ear piece. She follows a Gollum-looking creature that turns out to be special like her. She’s not the only one trying to find out her past, since an arms dealer named Blackpool is also searching for better technology for his own personal gain. So far in issue #0, we’ve learned that she’s pretty tough in combat, and doesn’t tolerate death, unless somebody really pisses her off.

Lady Mechanika is a new comic mini-series by Joe Benitez, who does the story and art with colors by Peter Steigerwald. Yes, you have your typical character who’s trying to uncover her mysterious past, but the art and setting is a nice breath of fresh steam. I’m looking forward to what Lady Mechanika will uncover in the issues to come. Check out issue #1 in December 2010.

Grade: B

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