TRON Night Coverage: How Was TRON: Legacy 20 Minute Sneak Peek?

I have just witnessed the awesomeness that was the TRON Night 20 minute-plus sneak peek for TRON: Legacy. Wow, let me say I’m more excited about this TRON Legacy than I was about Avatar 3D. And it’s not the 3D aspect of the film that excited me, but the world of TRON is just so cool, with the sleek and simplistic visuals with pretty lights. Let’s not forget about the cool ambient electronica music by Daft Punk. TRON Night was shown around 120 IMAX theaters across the United States and Canada.

Let’s get an idea on how many fans were excited. In just a few hours, over 70% of the TRON Night tickets were sold out, while some locations sold out in five minutes. I’m getting goosebumps all over.

The location we went to was the IMAX in the Irvine Spectrum Center, and it’s a good thing we chose that location, because TRON: Legacy screenwriters Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz were there to attend, passing away signed posters and cool TRON merchandise. We’ve also received some TRON: Legacy posters, so we’ll see if we get enough interest to do a giveaway.

Alright, let’s talk about the 20 minute-plus footage that was shown to us. The host mentioned to us that the real world portion of the movie will be in 2D, while the digital world will be in 3D. He still said that we have to keep our 3D glasses on for the entire movie. There will be SPOILERS.

Sam and Alan Meetup

This was the first scene shown of Sam Flynn (Garrett Hedlund), son of Kevin Flynn (the Dude), having an unexpected visitor, Alan Bradley (Bruce Boxleitner). Alan, in the original TRON movie, was Kevin’s friend, who had a program called TRON in the digital world. Judging from this scene, we can already tell that Sam is the kind of guy that doesn’t care about taking over his dad’s corporation. He just wants to live life the way he wants to, like a rebel. Alan Bradley tries to convince him that his dad is still out there, so he gives Sam the keys to his dad’s old arcade place.

Sam checks out the arcade place, old and abandoned. He turns on the power switch and all the arcades and music turns on. Notice that the music in the background being played was Sweet Dreams by Eurythmics. Sam walks around some more coincidentally locks his eyes on a TRON arcade machine that will ultimately lead him inside a secret passage into Kevin’s secret lair. Sam then tries to log into the old-school computer inside, and that’s when the laser machine activates and begins to shoot. That’s the end of that scene.

Sam’s First Entry into the Digital World

Sam is inside the digital world, looking confused, and we see a kickass Recognizer, a transport vehicle that is being used to capture runaway programs. The security programs capture Sam and puts him inside the Recognizer where he meets other rogue programs. It’s cool too the way they talk because they have that synthetic audio sound. The Recognizer then lands and the guards then take Sam into a spot on the ground that transports him underground.

Sam is now inside a small, circular room, stuck on the platform that brought him there. Four pretty-looking female programs, the sirens, walk towards him from out of their hibernation chambers and unzip his clothes using their fingers and then puts on his Tron outfit. There has got to be a term for the outfits, since it’s weird calling things Tron, since Tron is a program created by Alan Bradley, and not a world. So anyway, the Sirens notices something different about Sam, and one of them gives him a tip about the “games”. Survive.

Sam Flynn Plays a Game of Deadly Pong

Here we see Sam inside the Game Grid with an Asian program who knows how to do some fancy movements. They play a game of Disc Pong in the Disc Arena. Sam realizes that the game isn’t a regular game, but a game that can end one’s life, as he sees another program breaking into a thousand pieces from a disc thrown into him. In the end, Sam puts a whole onto the ground, causing his rival to fall under and die. Sam, dude, you have just committed murder. But hey, he needs to survive.

Sam Flynn escapes with Quorra

The next scene we see a mysterious driver saving Sam, as they’re on the light cycle grid, trying to maneuver away from the enemy light cycles. Their ride is pretty neat, it’s like a Batmobile with neon lights. It shoots out some bombs that causes the light cycles to explode. The mysterious driver then shoots a hole onto a wall and jumps gap. The Tron car then transforms into a TRON ATV. Pretty cool.

Now that they’re save and away from the Game Grid, the driver opens her helmet to reveal Quorra (Olivia Wilde), a program sent to help Sam.

We have a short version of the clip available, and you can check it out below.

Sam Flynn meets Kevin Flynn

Finally, Sam and Quorra enters a room with an old man in it that is later revealed to be Kevin. Sam is shocked and gets all emotional. Kevin tells him that there will be dinner, so they can talk later. Kevin then walks outside on the balcony, which he can oversee the center of the Grid, bustling with lights. The camera then zooms in closer to his face as the screen fades to black.

Montage Trailer

We see an extended montage preview of action scenes and cool aerial battles. Lots of quick cuts and things we’ve seen from snippets of other trailers and music videos.

The only disappointing thing about the Sneak Peek presentation was the 3D wow factor for the film. But seeing this on the IMAX screen is still essential to experiencing the world of TRON. Fellow writer Hokan wasn’t a fan of TRON, but after watching this, he’s excited to go see it, including others in our group. This movie is going to be huge.

End of line.

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