Long Beach Comic Con Day 1

Today was the start of Long Beach Comic Con (LBCC) and for some reason they still have not perfected the way of giving out badges. I found it very weird that people with onsite registration would have it faster than those that have paid in advanced, but then again, this is just their second year. So I’ll let it slide for now.

For the first day, it was slow; and many artists and exhibitors were not there yet due to it only being Friday. The ones that were there were not small fries either: Jeph Loeb, Tim Sale, Mike Mignola, Ale Garza, and Amanda Conner. There were more artists I was not able to see, since I had to leave a little early due to traffic congestion on the 22/405 freeways. The artists did autograph signings, commissions, talked to fans and everyone was having a good time.

Since it was a Friday afternoon, not many cosplayers were there and the few that were there were really good. Took a few quick pictures but I will post them as a gallery later after the convention. So with the end of day one it was a good day for those that went. For myself, I had many commissions done for a fairly good price. HAHA!!! If you pre-purchased your tickets, make sure you come a little early to wait in the pre-registration line. For those that are going to attend LBCC this weekend: have fun and enjoy yourselves.

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