GHOST TRICK: Phantom Detective Release Date Revealed

Everything is in motion as the Capcom gods have graced us with a release date for a very anticipated DS game called GHOST TRICK: Phantom Detective. And the day the game will be released upon us is January 11, 2011.

For those that don’t know, Shu Takumi is the genius behind Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective, who is also the guy behind the Ace Attorney series. Yes, the one known for having the main character, Phoenix Wright, shout out “Objection!” with furious pointing.

In GHOST TRICK: Phantom Detective, the story follows Sissel, a guy who died and has become a ghost. Now that he’s a ghost, he’s lost his memory and is trying to figure out the mystery of his murder. As Sissel, players have the ability to possess inanimate objects from the real world and manipulate them to alter and change different events.

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