Dragon Age II Rise to Power In-Game Trailer and Sexy Rogue Wallpaper

Oh la la. Look at what we have here. A sexy-looking wallpaper featuring the rogue class. That roman numeral 2 is about to get punked by the rogue’s sweeping kick. Click on the image for a high-res image. We also have a trailer showcasing in-game footage.

So far I’m digging the new style of the game, which creates more of a unique look for our different characters. No longer will they look generic.

Dragon Age comes out on March 8, 2011.

Also, pre-order now until January 11 at select retailers so that you can get the signature edition. It includes $20 worth of additional content:

  • A Download code for a bonus mission and character
  • Downloadable game soundtrack
  • Exclusive in-game digital armory featuring weapons for each character type
  • And more
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