Christopher Nolan Reveals Third Batman Title

Big news today out of the offices of director Christopher Nolan and his team. He has confirmed the title of the third installment of his acclaimed Batman film series which is…“The Dark Knight Rises” The title gives us an idea that Mr. Nolan wants to keep things close to Bruce Wayne and Batman, rather than get further away with villains and story surrounding the bat. Among other things revealed to the New York Times,  Edward Nigma, the Riddler, will not be in the film like many anticipated along with Dr. Victor Fries, Mr. Freeze. Another thing said was the non-use of 3D technology. Nolan wants to keep the film to its true beginnings and expand on IMAX and hi-def technology.  I don’t think any of us have anything against this news with the success that Nolan has had with Batman Begins and The Dark Knight, so lets wait to be astonishingly surprised!

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