BlizzCon 2010: Cosplay Gallery & StarCraft 2 Tournament Recap

This was the first big tournament in North America for StarCraft 2. It was being broadcasted live on PPV and streamed from the Blizzard site, so there was a lot of buzz going on about the tournament. It had top players from all over the world competing for part of the $200,000 in prize money that was awarded to the top 3 players from Warcraft III, WoW, and of course, StarCraft 2. Not all the top players could make it since the GSL, another large tournament, is also going on at the same time. Still, many well known players were participating such as TLO, Huk, Sen, White-Ra, MakaPrime and NexGenius. As with every StarCraft tournament, the Korean players were heavily favored to take the entire thing.

Only a few games were played on the main stage, all from the winners bracket. I had to wait a good 2 hours just to miss the first game because of technical issues. I did get to see a show match between StarCraft legend “Boxer” and currently ranked #1 StarCraft 2 player “Fruitdealer”. This was a fairly exciting match, not just to watch, but to see how big RTS has gotten in the North American scene. The crowd had easily a thousand people crowding the stage sitting on the ground just to block your way to the restroom, while others that came late chose to stand around the seating area to block your way in case of a fire.

The games were pretty good, showcasing strategies that required lots of micro and the importance of macro. Eventually the GSL champion won both games after recovering from early pressure from Boxer, taking him down 2-0. These 2 might meet each other in the upcoming round of 32 of the GSL so keep an eye out for that.

If you’re interested in seeing any of the games played at BlizzCon, you can download them from the official Blizzard site. I won’t spoil any of the games for you, but take a look at some of the “Loner” games. He was the dark horse of the tournament and went very fair with his impressive plays.

Oh yeah, as for the costume contest pictures I promised…. I didn’t have access to the backstage to interview people or to take pictures of cosplayers so you’ll have to settle for these 4 that I was able to get.

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