Take On The Machine – A Challenge to Hackerspaces

“Hackers” may have more or less disappeared from mainstream news, but the culture is well alive and it may even be active in your city. Scattered around the globe are clubs called hackerspaces where the philosophy is to make, break, and learn. Do-It-Yourself projects are taken into a whole new level in these hackerspace communities. Scion and VIMBY are producing a webisode series called “Take On The Machine” where they present a challenge to 5 of them.


  1. Must take or include a manufactured product and repurpose it.
  2. New function must have a fun or useful application for an average person.
  3. Must include a reference to a commercially released motion picture.


  1. Pumping Station, Chicago
  2. The Transistor, Utah
  3. Crash Space, LA
  4. Artisan’s Asylum, Massachusetts
  5. NYC Resistor, Brooklyn

Some of the ideas that these hackerspaces come up with include a slot machine repurposed to serve drinks, and a front of a building repurposed to be a musical instrument.

Hackerspaces in the competition are given $3,000 grant and 3 weeks to complete their task. At this time, 3 of the hackerspaces have been covered. All the current wepisodes are embedded below. Be sure to visit VIMBY.com for future episodes.
Take On The Machine: Episode 1

NYC Resistor 1

NYC Resistor 2

Crashspace 1

Crashspace 2

Pumping Station One 1

Pumping Station One 2

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