PSP2 Is on Its Way

Around the time of Tokyo Game Show, Sony apparently held private meeting at it’s offices in Tokyo to show off the PSP2.

Several sources have confirmed this rumor to sites like Kotaku that the PSP2 does include the previously rumored touch panel as part of its hardware package. The touch pad is apparently some sort of track pad like mechanism. No word on how the touch pad will be integrated in the games or how it will be used in general.  Kotaku also confirmed that the new handheld will have dual analog sticks as its control scheme. The new screen is now slightly larger as compared to the ones current PSPs have. The screen is also rumored to have HD capability. It is unclear to whether this is the same handheld that is suppose to be a game player, an e-book reader, and a netbook computer mix.

Kotaku reveals that the PSP2 is possibly scheduled for release late 2011. Sony has not yet spoken openly about the new handheld

Note: This picture is not the final design of the PSP2

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