Jennifer Lawrence on Mystique Stinking in X-Men: First Class

Jennifer Lawrence, who’s playing Mystique in X-Men: First Class, chatted with Hollywood Elsewhere about mostly X-Men. She mentions that only 10% of her screen time will be as Mystique, whatever that means. She probably means that 10% will be her as Mystique’s true form, but she’ll still be Mystique, whether or not she’s in her true or disguised form. The makeup process for her true form took about six hours including blue skin and scales, and she has a nickname for it, “Mystink”. Haha, you crack me up Jennifer. I’m still disappointed that they’re still going to use scales on Mystique. Just give her blue skin. Scales are a deal breaker for me.

X-Men: First Class will be in theaters June 3, 2011 and is being directed by Kick-Ass director Matthew Vaughn. The prequel is being set in the 60s with Professor X and Magneto researching for a cure for baldness, I mean, bringing tolerance to mutant kind.

Source: Hollywood Elsewhere

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