Diablo 3 Gameplay and the 5th Class Revealed

As many of you know yesterday was opening day at BlizzCon. You can read about my day here. This post is mainly focused on the gameplay of Diablo 3. Diablo 3 is one of Blizzards most awaited titles. This game has many fans, including myself, so when I got hold of BlizzCon tickets and found out that they were having people go and play the game (20 minute limit) I was ecstatic! I could not believe that I would be able to get my hands on Diablo 3 and actually play it. I have been only watching the trailers online and watching the creators play the game.

When the time finally came and I sat on the chair with Diablo 3 in front of me, I nearly cried tears of joy.  I first played in single player mode and I chose the Barbarian class as my character. It’s the same old Barbarian from the first two games. It’s slow, at first, but powerful. The screen layout is somewhat different. The life orb and mana orb meters are still located at their same locations, bottom left and right of the screen, but where life and magic potions were originally located is now replaced by attacks. Finally they added a new touch to the skill tree. The graphics were superb! Even in this stage of the game, I am betting that it will look much better than it is now when it is released. Even if it is to be the same graphics, it was very good. Unfortunately, I was not allowed to take any pictures of what was on the monitor. So you will have to use your imagination for this.

First of all, the magic and life potion bar are being replaced by attacks like I said. These attacks are from the new skill tree they added. You will have 7 different skills to earn and master. From those 7 you will choose 4 to use as tertiary attacks. I use tertiary because you have your main attack (left click), you have your secondary attack (left click), and your tertiary attacks are numbers 1-4 just above the QWERTY keys; 5 is your life potion. Magic is refilled different ways for each character. The characters I played and my friend played had to either kill bad guys to fill it or it will replenish by itself. There is also a level bar to see how far you are from reaching the next level. When upgrading a skill tree you will notice a socket just to the right of it. These sockets are for runes and each rune do different things for each skill.

Secondly, the gameplay for single player and multiplayer was old school Diablo. It was just kill and/or rescue to get to your main goal. Each stage has a different goal/achievements to reach, and each stage/level has its own boss to take down before moving on. Like usual, if you play multiplayer, the more players that join in the harder the bad guys get. To me the best character to use, this is just my personal opinion, for single player or multiplayer is the Wizard or the 5th class, later to be revealed. The Wizard is just well equipped in fighting in close combat and in long range combat. During the game, at any time I was in danger or cornered I just used two tornados and when they combined they made a giant tornado killing anything in its path. This is where the runes in each skill come into play. I had an Indigo Rune Rank 2 on my Tornado skill and it enhanced it by giving it a “Combine Attack.” When two tornadoes come together they make one big tornado. This was a very handy skill to have.

Thirdly, the gameplay on the PvP matches are,of course, completely different. The characters were maxed out to the limit. All skills were unlocked and it was just a 3v3 match. The match would always take place in the same arena. This was maybe due to the game being in its half way point till release stage. On the PvP matches they locked it down to only 3 classes: Wizard, Witch Doctor, and Barbarian. I only used Wizard and it was who I was comfortable with. My friend used the Witch Doctor. These matches were very crazy with everyone attacking at almost the same time so it was hard to know who was attacking whom. Most of the time we were on the winning side. This is a must play if you loved doing PvP on the old Diablo games.

Finally the 5th class which was introduced in the opening ceremony! From the use of this class, this may have been the best there was. This character was very strong and had strong skills. This may have been due to the fact that she was a newly introduced class and nothing was done to even out her skill against the bad guys. This class is known as the Demon Hunter. You can check out her trailer as well as here for her bio. You can also check out the others on the same link. Just click on the character.

Well I hope you had fun if you went to BlizzCon. If not, I hope I made it feel as if you were there.

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