BlizzCon 2010! Day One with Gallery

Today was an exciting day for me. I went to my very first BlizzCon, and it was of great! I was so excited that I couldn’t get any sleep because I was too eager to go. I am not really a World of Warcraft, or WoW to some folks, fan, but I am a fan of the StarCraft, Diablo, and WarCraft series. I have been a fan of Blizzard since back in the day when they were called Silicon & Synapse. Those name drops are from way back in the days when they just had two games under their name, Rock N’ Roll Racing and Lost Vikings. That’s beside the point. Today I am talking about BlizzCon, a yearly convention held in Anaheim California which showcases Blizzards upcoming titles, current titles and past titles. Each year BlizzCon attendees are treated with a “goody bag” filled with an array of items. This year included items from mini statues to posters, and sometimes a beta key. This year’s contents were already posted by one of our other writers, it can be found here. Now on to the main course the start of BlizzCon.

When my friend and I arrived at BlizzCon at 8:00 am we thought we had beaten the crowd, but we were mistaken! There was a line already and was at least 100 people strong. We were luckily in the middle of the whole line (as seen on the picture at the bottom). While in line we were told about this white board inside the convention where people write whatever pleases them. So I took this opportunity to represent for NerdReactor. Afterwards we roamed around until we decided it was time to play Diablo 3.

There was only one objective on my list for BlizzCon, play Diablo 3! That objective was easily met because while people went to the opening ceremony my friend and I went in line for the Diablo 3 demo area. The line went rather fast, maybe a 10-15 minute wait. Before the crowd departed from the opening ceremony, my friend and I got in 3 rounds of 20 minute time limit single player games. The line nearly doubled or tripled in size when the crowd finally made its way back from the opening cermemony which had revealed the 5th class to Diablo 3. You can check out my gameplay review here with the mention of the 5th class!  By this time my friend started playing PvP (Player vs. Player), also a 20 minute time limit. It wasn’t actually a PvP match because it was a 3 on 3 match, but that doesn’t matter. We did 4 rounds of Diablo 3 PvP matches. After that my friend took us to the VIP computers where we didn’t have to leave. We stayed on those computers for nearly 3 hours just playing a multiplayer level. We switched characters to get a feel for most of them, but I mostly stuck to 3 classes: Wizard, the 5th class, and the Shaman.

As the day ended we stopped playing Diablo 3 and took time to watch the Costume Contest hosted by Jay Mohr. The winner was a female Monk from Diablo 3. What I thought should have won was the female shaman from Diablo 3, but she didn’t even make top 3. The other two were WoW characters, one I’ve never seen and the other was one I recognized but can’t remember the name. As we left BlizzCon I took a picture of a sign to commemorate this day. Oh, and I took some cosplayer pictures as well. Not many were roaming around, but then again I spent most of my time in Diablo 3. HAHA! ENJOY!

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