Marvel and ESPN Team-Up for Superhero Greatness

It’s happened! My two favorites finally teamed up, Marvel and ESPN; Marvel made a cover for the new ESPN the Magazine, which is to be released tomorrow. I was hoping for this to come ever since Disney bought rights to Marvel Comics. And if you don’t know, Disney also owns ESPN. So this marriage was not too far from the future. I am glad this happened.

All of the people that were “Marvelized” are NBA players and this is for the NBA preview of the magazine. Each NBA player/team is drawn as a comic cover variant. I dont know if they plan to release any more in the future but I am happy to see this. And believe me I will be picking up the magazine tomorrow. And if you like Marvel and the NBA I suggest you do too. You can view the covers on but you will need an ESPN Insider Account. Below are just a few that I liked.

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