M. Night Shyamalan is Going Sci-Fi with One Thousand AE

M. Night Shammalammadingdong is back at the drawing board and his new venture is out of this world…literally. With the absolutely unsuccessful and horrendous attempt at The Last Airbender, Night has decided to change things up a bit. He is currently working on a sci-fi film in conjunction with Will Smith’s Overbrook production company, with Will being involved as a producer. There isn’t a studio that has picked it up yet, but rumor has it that Sony will be the one. Hopefully One Thousand AE will be a comeback for Night as well as Will, because let’s face it, Night has been putting out crap since The Village and Will bombed the remake of The Day the Earth Stood Still. There are no plot details on the film as of yet, but what we do know is that a Smith will be in the film, just that it won’t be Will, it’ll be Jaden. There is still an adult male role, but no one has been cast yet. Another plus for us viewers, is that Night is not writing the film either, the task will be helmed by The Book of Eli screenwriter Gary Whitta. As for any other details, everything else is pretty much in the dark, so we will definitely be keeping an eye on this project.

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