Is Bethesda Softworks the Next Eidos?

Remember that whole Eidos/Gamespot controversy where an editor was fired because of a Kane & Lynch video game review? It was due to Eidos not pleased with the bad review, and Gamespot didn’t want to piss off their advertisers. Well it seems that history is repeating again.

Duck and Cover has mentioned that Bethesda was not too please with a certain unnamed site for posting an unfavorable review. Dan Hsu, former editor-in-chief of EGM and former editorial director of 1up, has revealed on his twitter that Bethesda is involved in direct review intervention. This is what he had to day:

One site was forced to pull its Fallout Vegas review because advertiser Bethesda was unhappy w/ score. Sad this crap still goes on.

Heard (but haven’t confirmed) two more sites delaying publishing poor review scores for Fallout Vegas until Fallout ad campaign is done.

To clarify, the site’s boss pulled that review because advertiser wasn’t happy, against writer’s wishes.

Sorry, I know how this sounds, but I can’t say which site cause this guy would be fired for telling me (they’d know).

RT: JustinHaywald @bitmobshoe To be clear, 1UP has not published a review because both the reviewer and I felt he needed more time with the game.

@BenKuchera I did get a 2nd, independent confirmation on this, tho. The review was pulled by CEO, then put back up when ad campaign was over

If this is in fact, an accurate story, I’m very upset that this is happening. Either way, I’ll be checking out the game soon.

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