*UPDATE – Video’s Emerge* Daft Punk Played with Phoenix October 20th, 2010!


It has been only a few hours since the east coast got its blessing with Phoenix and Daft Punk together. Now it is time to check out some video footage of that epic moment!

The band Phoenix played tonight at Madison Square Garden in New York City. Nothing unusual about that. They are an indie rock band with a hint of electronic to give them that indie edge. Here is a sample of their famous song “1901” in a 2009 Cadillac SRX commercial.

The cool part to this is that Daft Punk, who has not done many major gigs since their Alive Tour, was seen playing with them tonight! Now their performance was reportedly not very long, and was only a cameo, but they still took the time to make an appearance and that is what matters.  The short lived set included “Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger” and was mixed into “1901”.

Oh my! Is this how the French electric duo hypes themselves up? If anyone of us were them, we would all probably be feeling the good vibes of being in-front-of a huge audience playing those catchy hypnotizing electronic tunes. Euphoria would be the best way to describe it. Is this a hint at a future start of an upcoming TRON: Legacy tour? So many questions unanswered! Hey, at least those lucky enough to be in NYC got a piece of the action! Check out the photos taken of Daft Punk tonight at the show.

Photo by Jon Alagem

Photo by Jon Alagem

Do you think Daft Punk is going on tour to support their new album inspired and created for TRON: Legacy?

Source: Brooklyn Vegan

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