Toradora Review

Toradora Volume 2

As a continuation of their anime project, Nippon Ichi Software America has brought over what is left of the anime Toradora. This season of Toradora picks up exactly where the last one left off, and continues on to provide deeper character development over the second half of the school year. During the timeline, the characters go through things like Christmas party, Valentine’s Day, and winter school trip. The anime ends with a time jump that is a year forward, showing all of the characters as they graduate from the school, and special surprises are waiting for the viewers during that scene.

In this season, each character’s role in the story began to change. Ami, the main female support character, is now the overseer role. She seems to have all of the insights to all other characters even before anything is hinted to the viewers. Main character, Ryuji, is as slow as ever when it comes to relationship and how other feel. So it created a few intense moments where insights to a certain characters are revealed for the first time, and it also gives the viewer something to hope for as the story wraps up.

The subtitle for this anime was done quite well with a few small issues that most people probably doesn’t even pay attention to. One of the main thing is that whenever there are banners on screen, there will always be translation to show what the banner says. This doesn’t become a problem until when a character starts speaking while the banner is still on screen, the screen gets filled up with a lot of subtitles to a point where it begins to draw attention away from the anime itself is something that probably could have been avoided, but thankfully this doesn’t really happen that often. Secondly, the anime still starts up without any menu option is still odd, but one can simply jump to main menu if needed so it isn’t that big of a deal.

Overall, this is still one of the best subbed anime productions I have seen in a long time. This is good enough so that I have overlooked the minor details. The anime itself has been an instant favorite when i saw it for the first time, and this release only enhances my liking to this particular series. The translation job is seemly flawless and it blends in with the American culture very nicely.

This set of the DVDs comes with an art book style episode guide that explains the relationships of the characters and the last 12 episodes of the series on 2 DVDs. At the end of the second DVD, the chibi OVA of the series is also included as extra content. This DVD set is really pretty and well designed, and I especially like the episode guide that is included in. Now that the entire series is out and available, fans of the series must pick up a copy just to own until the end of time.

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