Lucent Heart: Dating MMO Is Coming to North America

Lucent Heart is taking Japan by storm, and now Gamania has announced that the Dating MMO game will come to North America. It is mentioned that the game has changed the way people think about dating games. Lucent Heart offers a unique matchmaking service that involves RPG gameplay, giving players a chance to love, meet new friends, and fight in dungeons.

“We knew we needed to bring Lucent Heart, one of the most popular Dating MMOs, to our North American fan-base, after the overwhelmingly positive response to the game overseas,” said David Wong, COO of Gamania. “We are finally able to offer an authentic romantic online experience that gamers have been missing in current western MMOs.”

Since this game is all about love, what better way to spread it is to throw a contest. The contest will have Gamania holding a big contest to find their Lucent Heart Girl. More information can be found at their Lucent Heart Contest Facebook page.

Here are the list of features for Lucent Heart:

  • Cupid Service: With this, you can search for that special person using the “Love Match” system. Many features are included and you can also have that special date in a dungeon. You can even have an all-out wedding with invitations, a church ceremony, rings, and bridal/groom wear.
  • Zodiac System: Have a new experience every day with the power to transform into a powerful “Zodiac” form, which is based on your sign and birthday. Special skills and daily “horoscope” enhancements are also a nice addition.
  • Robust RPG Gameplay: You can choose from Four base classes and eight advanced classes, all with different skills and Zodiac effects. Everything you love about RPGs like exploring dungeons and labyrinths, taking down bosses with friends, pets, and mounts.

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