ElecTRONica Review at Disney’s California Adventure Park!

It has been two weeks since ElecTRONica had its debut at Disney’s California Adventure Park. We were lucky to have been at the event on October 8th, day one! Having been soaked in ever since we left the park, we strongly recommend that you go and check it out before it is too late. Among all other things Disney, ElecTRONica brings to life TRON: Legacy and the original TRON. The Hollywood back lot area at California Adventure is transformed every weekend night, and select holiday weeknights, into a sight, sound, taste, and touch of sensational TRON peripherals! Live DJ’s, Flynn’s Arcade, End of Line Club bar, TRON: Legacy 4D exclusive preview, TRON Evolution Battle Grids Wii Game challenges, live talent, tasty eats, and much more are all part of the fun.

The DJ is center stage right in front of the MONSTERS INC. ride giving us those feel good vibes and electronic beats. Top 40 club hits, indie electronic, and Daft Punk encompass the track list.

Flynn’s Arcade is almost what you would wish for. Vintage games, air hockey, and the original TRON game are all rounded up to play with the purchase of tokens.

Located just outside of Flynn’s Arcade is a battle grid contest area for the upcoming Nintendo Wii TRON Evolution Battle Grids game. Guest get to be plugged into the world of TRON, and are dubbed programmers to compete with one another for a chance to win a bigger ego!

The End of Line Club themed bar is actually something right out of the TRON: Legacy movie. Comfortable couches, lit up bar tops, and mixed drinks all add to the fun. Our Muppet friends over at Muppet Vision 3D were eager to let a 4D exclusive film preview of TRON: Legacy to give guest, who may not have heard of TRON or just have not seen the new movie footage, a chance to see it it in all its greatness. Live Disney entertainment talent dressed in TRON attire scout the area to get people involved. Eateries have TRON themed food and merchandise is sold throughout to give people the all inclusive ElecTRONica experience.

We don’t like spoiling things too much, but we will leave you with some cool photos and videos to come of what you are to expect. In this case they are deceiving but only because to truly get into the grid, you need to check out ElecTRONica for yourself.

Friday-Sunday 7:00 p.m. to Park Close

Weekday Nights During Select Holidays (TBA)

Sunshine Plaza Pre-Show 6:00 p.m. and 6:45 p.m.

No Fast Pass For TRON: Legacy 4D preview

2 Alcoholic Drinks per valid identification; 21 & older only

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