Ace Attorney Pheonix Wright vs. Professor Layton Announced

Can this be? Capcom’s famous sleuthing defense attorney in a crossover with the Puzzle solving Professor?

Level 5 announced that it is currently working on a cross over with Capcom in “Ace Attorney vs. Professor Layton” for the Nintendo 3DS, the first time the two companies have worked together on a game.

Ace Attorney creator Takumi Shuu will be working on the title, and the game’s theme will be puzzles that are full of contradictions. Which is perfect for the Pheonix teaming up with Layton.

The game will feature a medieval setting where a villain named Story Teller can write anything he pleases and it will come to reality. It’s Pheonix Wright’s job to object and find the contradiction and to save his client who is accused of being a witch.

Fans of Ace Attorney Pheonix Wright and Professor Layton are in for a treat, especially with the 3DS.


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