TERA Spotlight: The Race of the Castanics and the Slayer Class

En Masse Entertainment has some new information for TERA, the action MMO to beat all action MMOs. Today’s spotlight will feature the castanic race and the class of Slayer. Just by looking at these images, the castanic race is already my favorite race. Sorry elves.

Race: Castanic

“First to fight, first to drink!” – castanic oath

These guys are like elves, but more devilish looking with horns and dark-red skin. Out of all the races, these guys have the most variety of hair color, and that’s important because everybody wants to look pretty fighting. Their specialty is being a scout and a spy, and they are very cunning, strong, and agile.

It’s no surprise that they have a dark history, based on their devilish looks. The castanics suffer from oppression and prejudice ever since the Divine War, when their god fell. Even though they are part of the federation, they are uneasy as allies.

Class: Slayer

Slayers uses the greatsword and have very big sweeping attacks. The armor of choice would be the light leather armor, but the weapons they use are big and slow, but very devastating. They also have the ability to strike from behind, which makes them a valued in a party when surrounded.

The Slayer’s Whirlwind attack is many times stronger than the other class’ basic attack. To use this attack with full damage, one must hold and charge the attack button for 1.5 seconds without interruption. The time it takes to dish out full damage is worth it.

The Trip attack is also another effective move. You charge the attack for 1.6 seconds and if executed, it will knock down the enemy with high damage. The cool-down time for Trip attack is 8 seconds.

TERA will be available in 2011 and is being developed by Bluehole Studios. Check back often as we will have more coverage leading up to the game’s release date.

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