The Fifth Element’s Director Is Inspired!

The director who brought us The Fifth Element and The Professional is beginning work on a new Sci-Fi epic motion picture! Luc Besson told Fantasy.Fr of Europe 1 radio that he is currently working on the design phase of the project. He is figuring out how his out-of-this-world beings will look this time around!

Mr. Besson did not go into much detail about the film, script, or actors, but he did say that the one thing that inspired him was the technology that James Cameron used in the film Avatar. We can only imagine how his project would look like with that technology. Imagine the great Fifth Element in masterful 3D. Bruce Willis would really need a hair piece that would stick on in any action scene or else we’d notice!

James Cameron has been doing a lot of inspiring and lighting fires underneath some untapped creative minds in the industry these days. Ridley Scott also commented on James Cameron film breakthroughs, which has inspired him to create prequels to the epic Alien saga; the first film, Alien, that Ridley Scott himself created and then followed by James Cameron with the sequel Aliens. You can check more of that out in an article found here.

All we can do now is sit back. I think I’ll pass up the time by eating Chinese food, smoking backward-looking cigarettes, and waiting for my mailbox to bring me some good news!

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