Deadpool Script Gets Leaked and Reveals Appearances by Other Marvel Characters

While the movie is still in limbo, the script has recently been leaked online. Many fans of the merc with a mouth were quite pleased with the script for the live-action adaptation. The script, written by Zombieland writers Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick, will inhabit all the things that make Deadpool great. Breaking the fourth wall, unnecessary violence, conversations with himself, randomness, pop-culture references, witty dialogue, and blood and guts all encompass the greatness of the script.

Many fans will rejoice that the film will not be connected to the same universe as Wolverine: X-Men Origins. In the script, Deadpool has actually seen the movie and hates everything that was done to his character. He also frequently makes fun of Hugh Jackman.

Deadpool will not be the only Marvel character in the film. X-Men’s Colossus makes an appearances along with Patch, Wyre, Sluggo, Copycat, Blind Al, Ajax and Garrison Kane. Too bad Deadpool’s lovable sidekick Bob won’t be in the film.

This script definitely gives hope to all the fans that were questioning how faithful the movie would be to the comics. We can only hope that the positive reaction from the script will push Deadpool to the top of Ryan Reynold’s to do list.

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