Dead Space 2 Special Edition Has a Plasma Cutter!?

If ever there were a time to geek out over a video game, it’s when the special edition of it is shown. I think the only special edition I’ve ever bought was for Halo 2. It was only $10 more, contained some making-of dvd, and came in a sweet tin. I never watched that making-of dvd, though perhaps I should, now that 6 years have passed. With that in mind, look at all of the cool stuff that comes with Dead Space 2 Special Edition! There’s the typical soundtrack, an art cell, some kind of exclusive DLC (the picture isn’t clear enough for me to see what it is unfortunately), and the star of the special edition, a friggin’ Plasma Cutter! I really need to add that to video game stuff I’ve absolutely never needed!

There haven’t been any announcements from EA concerning which countries will be getting this exact package, or how much it will cost, but we’ll keep you posted.

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