Stan Lee Teams Up with Yoshiki From X Japan

Stan Lee has decided to take on a new venture that includes X Japan’s co-founder and drummer/pianist Yoshiki. They will be creating a motion comic featuring a superhero based on the musician. The character will be a gothic-styled music superhero and will incorporate Yoshiki’s fascination with dragons and his passion for music. The hero will be a vigilante whose powers are triggered by certain musical notes played on drumsticks. Yoshiki will be creating the music for the motion comic that is inspired by the story.

Stan Lee had this to say about Yoshiki:

When I met Yoshiki, I was so impressed with his musical talents and unique creative eye that I knew immediately I wanted to work with him on something special where we could combine both our strengths. Creating a music super hero character was the natural evolution of our efforts.

As well, Yoshiki had this to say of Stan Lee:

Just like the rest of the world, I have admired Stan Lee and his creations my entire life. Just meeting him was so great and now working with him is one of the most fun and creative experiences I have ever had. To watch his mind at work is amazing and inspiring.

There is no word as of yet on a release date.

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