Lou Ferrigno Will Voice The Hulk in The Avengers Movie

During a recent interview, the former star of the 70’s Incredible Hulk TV series confirmed that he would be the voice of The Hulk in The Avengers movie.

“I’ll be doing the voice (of The Hulk). I’m hoping to have a good part in the movie. I’m waiting to see the script, but right now, it’s still pending because they haven’t finished production yet.”

If you remember back in the first Hulk film adaptation, the bodybuilder made a cameo appearance along side Marvel genius Stan Lee. This pleased the fanboy inside of me but in reality we all know that a majority of Ferrigno’s lines will be grunts and “Hulk Smash!”

Since he will be kind of working together with the newly appointed Bruce Banner, Lou gave his thoughts on actor Mark Ruffalo.

“I think he’s a great actor. I think he’s a great choice. My only problem is that they keep changing (the actor playing The Hulk’s alter-ego) David Banner. I don’t know the situation with Eric Bana because maybe he had a one-picture deal, but I think Mark (Ruffalo) is a wonderful actor and I think he’ll be, he’ll be a great David Banner.”

If you were confused by “David Banner”, you are not alone .  David Banner was actually the name of the TV series Hulk, I totally forgot about this.  The producer of the show changed the first name to David in honor of his son, so the characters full name in the show was David Bruce Banner. Not to be confused with Brian David Banner, Bruce’s abusive father in the comics.

Back to Lou, the actor/bodybuilder also gave his thoughts on the last 2 actors to portray Bruce Banner.

“They were good. I mean, Edward Norton, I loved because he was, he’s close to (TV’s original David Banner) Bill Bixby. Eric Bana was the first one that came with the first film (directed by Ang Lee) and he, and he’s a fine actor, too. They’re all different and it’ll be interesting to see how Mark pulls it off, because Mark is deep. You know, like he did Shutter Island? He’s got a deep quality about him. He’s got a sensitive side and I think that’s gonna come out of him.”

I really like Mark Ruffalo but I still think this is a weird role for him. We’ll just have to wait and see what Mark does with the character in 2012.

Source: Collider

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