Former Hulk Eric Bana is Jealous He’s Not Part of The Avengers

One of the hardest parts of The Hulk’s portrayal in movies is how the actors that play Bruce Banner are constantly changing. The role is on its 3rd actor and already the character has has 2 reboot movies.  There has been a rumor that Mark Ruffalo will get his own film and fans can only hope that the actor will stick around a while.

Recently, former Bruce Banner Eric Bana sat down with MTV News to talk about how the role has switched between the 3 actors.

“I don’t know the details of how it went from Ed to Mark, but there was certainly nothing weird about the process for me going from me to Ed. Personally I think it’s really exciting that the Hulk seems to be mutating into different actors as it goes along. It keeps it fresh, it keeps it interesting. And just the caliber of those two guys is awesome. I’m a huge fan of both of them. I think it’s fantastic and I look forward to seeing the movie. I hope fans feel the same way about that kind of freshness.”

Maybe Eric, just maybe. Though the actor is no longer part of the Marvel Universe he can’t help but feel envious of The Avengers cast.

“The obvious potential there is those movies can be a lot of fun to make. But then sometimes they’re not. I would be jealous if it turns out they just go off and have a good time.”

Source: MTV News

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