Avatar Baddie Stephen Lang is Interested in Playing Super Mutant Cable

The actor recently sat down with Screen Rant at New York Comic Con, and talked a little bit about internet buzz that has been suggesting that he would be perfect for the Marvel character.

“One of boys mentioned to me – he says, ‘Hey pops, they’re talking about you for Cable,’ and I said ‘Who would that be?’ and so he Googled him for me and I saw him and I thought ‘Oh wow, he’s cool.’

“I’m there. [Laughter] Sure, why not. I’d be happy to.

This is of course just internet speculation, there have never been any really mention of a possible Cable movie in the works.

Personally, I’ve never been a big fan of the character. To be honest, my knowledge of Cable is limited from what I’ve seen in the X-Men: The Animated Series and the recent Deadpool and Cable tradebacks.

Stephen’s definitely got the look alright but are fans really interested in seeing a Cable movie?

Source: Screen Rant

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