Willem Dafoe Says He’s Proud of His Work in the Spider-Man Films

During a recent press conference for his new film A Woman, the actor was bombarded with Spider-Man questions from the local media in South Korea. One reporter even apologized for asking a question about the film. That actor made sure to let it be known that he had no problems answering questions about the film.

“That’s part of my story. Don’t be sorry. I’m very proud of that movie.”

This is something I always feel bad about as a journalist. You see videos where someone is interviewing an actor about another movie, and then the conversation usually goes something like,”So you’re playing the role of a holocaust survivor, that’s nice, hey so what’s going on with Batman?”

I’m sure Christopher Nolan has had more than his share of Batman questions during the press junkets for INCEPTION.

It’s great that Willem Dafoe is proud of his work on Spider-Man, he did an amazing job and should definitely be recognized for it.

Source: Hollywood Reporter

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