Hey, You Got Fallout In My Army

The army is basically getting their own Fallout 3 wrist-mounted Pip Boy, which is being tested at Fort Dix in New Jersey. It came in really handy in Fallout 3, letting me know when some of my limbs weren’t working properly; though I suppose in real life you don’t need to be notified when you’ve lost a limb or two.

This particular piece of fine equipment has a 4.3″ QVGA full-motion, full-color display by LG, while the front plane uses Universal Display’s PHOLED technology. The unit itself was designed by L-3 Display Systems, so you can thank them for wanting to throw away your phone.

Can it find the closest video game store? That’s a really important feature to me.

Preddy seems angry that we’re catching up. Now all we humans need is should-mounter rockets, sweet arm blades, a suicide bomb code, implanted shark teeth, and a whole lotta’ ugly, and we’ll be on even fightin’ ground. Or we could all just hide in the mud like Arnold.

You can find out more about Universal Display Corporation at their site, here.

Story courtesy of Oled-display

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