Dark Horse Announces Licensing for 3 New Mangas

U.S. publisher Dark Horse Comics, announced at New York Comic Con that they have licensed 3 new manga series; Bloodline Battlefront by Trigun’s Yasuhiro Nightow, Drifters by Hellsing’s Kouta Hirano and Shinjuku Azul by Yoshitaka Amano.

Bloodline Battlefront is about the aftermath of New York’s collapse and the immediate rebuilding efforts of a new city. There will be a cross between human reality and supernatural realities that includes vampiric creatures and secret societies that try and keep everything in balance.

Drifters is about a group of time travelers that are in Japan in the year 1600 during the sengoku jidai, which is the era of when the warring states inspired samurai stories worldwide.

Shinjuku Azul is the second of three novels by Amano in the Shinjuku series. The story follows a bounty hunter who is tracking down their long-lost sister in the Tokyo district of Shinjuku, which is known for a criminal underworld in the year 2020.

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