Will Danny Ketch or Vengeance Appear in the New Ghost Rider Movie?

Probably the only thing that really caught my attention about the new Ghost Rider film was the title. Spirit of Vengeance is the new subtitle of the film, many fans of the comic will know that there is actually more than one Spirit of Vengeance. There is actually 7 but we’ll stick with the main 3 right now. Johnny Blaze (Ghost Rider) is 1/3 of the Organic Medallion of Power. There’s also Danny Ketch (who also goes by Ghost Rider), and last but not least, Vengeance (Michael Badilino). All 3 characters are pretty well known in the Marvel Universe and have all had long standing comic book series.

To me this is the only reason I would possibly consider going to see the new film. The chance to see 2 riders going at it will definitely be something to see. Recently Idris Elba and Johnny Whitworth have join the cast as unnamed characters, whose background stories I’ve never heard of before.  Now this could be Nicolas Cage “reworking” the characters the same way he f***ed up Johnny Blaze, or the 2 character may have nothing to do with the Spirits of Vengeance.

I guess well have to wait till more is unveiled.

"It's not about the ride, it's the rider."

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