MONSTERS Review: Tentacle Monsters Run Wild in Mexico

When I first saw the trailer for MONSTERS, I couldn’t help but get excited. As a kid growing up I’ve always been a big fan of monster movies like Godzilla, JAWS, King Kong and Gamera. MONSTERS looked like an independent film that could really bring something new to the genre that generally revolved around explosions and people running in mass hysteria. I really hoped that MONSTERS could do for monster movies, what District 9 did for alien movies. Well, they’re halfway there.

For a film that was shot for $15,000, MONSTERS does an amazing job of looking like a big-budget movie with a full cast and crew. Watching the movie, you would have never guessed that the film was actually shot with only the 2 actors, the director and the sound editor. Gareth Edwards does a great job of creating a world where the presence of the aliens is clearly felt by everyone. The film centers around Samantha and Andrew and the danger of the aliens is always looming in the background. Fans of Cloverfield will rejoice because you get to see the monsters right from the beginning and they are visible throughout a large majority of the film. At first I was not to fond of the giant squid idea but I got over it, the films biggest flaw is the main characters.

Andrew’s character is kind of creepy and yet somehow he convinces the soon-to-be-married Samantha to fall in love with him. The film never gives you a justified reason why Samantha decides to cheat on her fiance. If her fiance was a douche bag, they should have at least stated that he’s a douche bag. The only time he comes into the story is the two times she calls him. The ending is pretty vague and I believe it will leave more people pissed off than wanting more.

MONSTERS does bring a lot of depth to the genre but its flawed love story is what really weighs down the movie from being great. Watching this movie, I couldn’t help but think all the stuff this movie did better than Cloverfield, so there was definitely some potential there. I think this film definitely deserves praise for what it was and how much it cost but if you’re a hardcore monster movie fan, this is a rental. If you’re really looking for a great kaiju movie, I strongly suggest watching The Host.

Grade: C-

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