Halo Movie Back in the Works Again?

It seems that someone from the inside has told Vulture that DreamWorks is planning to adapt the Halo movie, where Universal and Fox have failed. To avoid any legal troubles from Universal and Fox. DreamWorks has decided that they want to adapt from the Halo books, and not the game itself. It’s a nice in-depth read as to why the Halo movie went nowhere, due to Fox not trusting Universal’s handling of the Halo production.

It’s sad to see this because Universal gave Peter Jackson and co. an ultimatum of lowering their fees as producers, but Jackson declined because he spent a year helping the project to come to life, and he wasn’t going to lower his cut. But the good thing about this was that District 9 was created using the same team and director that was supposed to create the Halo movie. This made Sony a winner since they picked up the distribution rights.

DreamWorks had passed on the project before, but now they see the light and think they can bring Halo to the big screen. Let’s see how far they can get the ball rolling.

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